Jo Ann Cooksey Bono

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Jo Ann Cooksey Bono, PWCS, NCS 


I am a multimedia artist and teacher with a degree in Elementary and Secondary Art Education from Longwood College in VA.  My background includes experience in journalism and advertising.  Currently, I teach watercolor, collage and drawing to adults and children and enjoy my work and my students very much.

As a teacher, I hope to propagate an appreciation and understanding of art.  As an artist, I am often plagued by the frivolity of my vocation.


My early pen and pencil drawings led to a concentrated effort to comprehend and manipulate watercolor effectively.  Although watercolor was challenging and beautiful, I needed something more. 


By accident, I discovered of my most exciting artistic discoveries.  I knew very little about the medium and my naiveté enhanced the creative process. 


For my own amusement, I invent characters to fill my artwork...Icarus, Theodora, Poppy Girl and many yet to be given identities.  They travel, age and confront various emotions and situations.  I hope to someday create a book about them.


As recent past-president of Greater Norristown Art League; an organization of then 650+ members, I have benefited from many valuable experiences, friendships and contacts.


My interests include mixed-media, watercolor, collage, found object assemblage, metal sculpture and recently, web design.


Shape, contrast, drama and humor are important elements of my work.


I am a signature member of the Philadelphia Water Color Society and the National Collage Society.


My goal is to encourage my students to create dramatic compositions and to discover a personal artistic vision.